Pulverized Topsoil

Pulverized Topsoil is topsoil that has been sent through a large machine to break up the large clots. This processing makes the soil easier to handle and spread. Pulverized Topsoil is utilized for seeding yards, spreading dirt in yards and other landscape projects and mixed with Mushroom Compost for gardens.

Screened Mushroom Compost

Screened Mushroom Compost is totally organic, dark in color and rich in nutrients. Mushroom Compost is a bi-product of Mushroom Farmers. Typical use is gardens and anywhere you grow plants, flowers, and bushes, etc. A lot of customers will mix pulverized topsoil with Mushroom Compost to provide a good balance of soil and nutrients.

Organic Compost

Organic Compost is a mixture of organic wastes produced at farms. This itens may be trimmings, used soil and compost. All of the material is completely organic as it comes from organic farms. Picture the small compost bins you see in some residential backyards. This is the same thing but in a larger scale. Typical use is an additive for gardens and landscaping. 

Garden Mix

The Garden Mix is a combination of Pulverized Topsoil, Screened Mushroom and Organic Compost. Typical use includes gardens and landscaping. Anywhere additional nutrients are needed the Garden Mix is a great option.

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