Double Ground Mulch

Double Ground Mulch is made of recycled wood chips and logs. It is processed through the grinder two times and screened each time. We let it sit for 100+ days to allow for the mulch to turn dark brown and let the decomposition process begin. This mulch is typically utilized in large quantities due to the economic value. This mulch will take longer to break down and typically last 1-2 years. 

Triple Ground

Triple Ground Mulch is similar to the Double Ground Mulch but it is sent through the grinder 3 times with a smaller screen each time to ensure smaller pieces of material are manufactured. We let this mulch sit for 130+ days to make it a darker brown color. This mulch is typically used in residential yards to enhance curb appeal, retain moisture and provide nutrients for trees, plants and flowers.

Premium Hardwood Mulch

This mulch is a mixture of the Bark Mulch and Triple Ground Mulch. This mulch provides the value of the Triple Ground Mulch with the nutrient value of the Bark Mulch. This mulch is mostly utilized in residential applications to provide curb appeal, moisture retention and nutrients for trees, plants and flowers.

Premium Shredded Bark Mulch

This mulch is triple processed using only the bark of the tree. This mulch is processed in paper and lumber mills in the South and delivered to the Chicago area. This mulch provides the best nutrient value for your trees, plants and flowers. Bark Mulch has a dark brown color. This mulch will break down quicker than other mulches due to the fine particles. This mulch is utilized in commercial and residential applications. 

Chocolate Dyed Mulch

This type of mulch is the Triple Processed Mulch but dyed to the color of the Bark Mulch (dark brown color). This mulch will hold its color for 1-2 years.

Red Dyed Mulch

This type of mulch is the Triple Processed Mulch but dyed to a reddish color. This mulch will hold its color for 1-2 years.

Certified Playmat Mulch

This type of mulch is "chipped". This mulch is typically lighter in color then the other mulches and certified for playground applications. This mulch is utilized in playground areas, swing sets, dog runs and kennels.

Aromatic Cedar Mulch

One of the best advantages of cedar mulch is its effect on insects. Cedar is a naturally aromatic material, so it helps to repel many types of insects as the insects don’t like the fragrance. This mulch is utilized as a weed control in landscaping and garden beds. Cedar Mulch comes in a light tan color.

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